Business Costs that are decreasing in 2012

Does the national debt and previous list of the things that will be more expensive in 2012 depress you? You can find below some optimism after our previous post. Here’s something to look forward to counteract some of that 2012 gloom.


1. Laptops

AMD’s recession-friendly CPUs are driving down laptop prices. These have better battery life, better video playback, and more affordable prices among desktop replacements. Late last year, we saw systems plummet to 275 Euros…


2. Android Tablets

Android is here to stay. Businesses are adopting this technology more and more supported by a massive Apps market. Manufacturer’s are racing to reduce these costs which will translate into lower prices for your business.


3. Car Rentals

Petrol and air travel may be going up in 2012, but car rental rates are expected to remain flat, as agencies across the country reportedly have excess cars available. More stock and subsequent competition is expected to keep rental rates low throughout 2012.


As mentioned in the previous post, is here to find you the best prices from great suppliers. Best of luck for 2012!

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