3 steps to get your business online

You will find below the three steps that will allow you to be present online. And especially be presented in a secure.


1. Register Domain Name

(companyname.ie) with domain registrar (e.g. Blacknight). Because the protection of your brand online is essential to avoid a lot of damage to the company’s image. Further Info: http://www.blacknight.com/domains.html


2. Design and Create your website

You should think about the purpose, content and structure/layout of this website and then incorporate the colours from the company logo to design the website. Then get a professionally designed website


3. Host the website online

This final step places the website on a web server so that it is accessible via www.companyname.ie. At this stage you will also receive an email address e.g. you@companyname.ie


On the next blog, on Thursday, we will see the ways to increase the traffic to your website.

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