6 ways to get traffic for free

We saw in the previous blog the ‘3 steps to get your business online’. This Thursday, supply.ie will tell you, how you can get traffic for free to your business.


1. Optimize your website for Search Engine

A major way to get traffic for free, SEO is still the most powerful way. Also, frequently update the contents of your site and get links with other sites in your niche. The objective of this way is to build a loyal audience and to be loved by the search engines.


2. Be social (FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn)

It is an important way to get traffic to your website. If you are popular on networks, you will receive an important traffic to your page but you can build this popularity thanks to the social media. You can invest a lot of time in the social presence but generally the result is worth.


3. Use any chance to promote your site

For example using free promotion, don’t neglect it. There are many way to promote your website for free, for example free classified ads, submissions to directories, inclusion in various listening, etc…


4. Use viral content

When users like your content, they send it to their contacts. So your content is transmitted like a virus. So create a good content and submit it to a couple of popular website, after users distributes it for you.


5. Use the offline promotion

This way is often forgotten but it is also a good way to get traffic. Some people are not really active on the Web. You can print the URL on your company’s business cards, stick on your company vehicles or start to sell T-shirt and other merchandise with your logo. This way will make your brand more popular.


6. Include your URL in your signature

Including URL is also a good way to get traffic for free to your website. People who like your posts will visit your home page. And it will be easily if you include your URL in your signature.


supply.ie is conscious that this topic is really vast (getting traffic for free), however if you have read our two blogs this week you can have and begin an online strategy. In the next week, we will see some tips to improve this online strategy.

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